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V-Neck Sweater


I emphasize a lot on the layering part during winters. Many people think that dressing for the winter is all about dark, gray colors. But it can be very exciting, really. You can mix and

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Winter Europe Destinations


Europe is always a top destination to visit, but the winter could be extra special. There are far fewer people, which means, you will be able to capture the spirit of the place better. You

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Must Have Sweaters


Going on a winter vacation soon? I love my holidays, but this year, I will miss out as I am tied up back home with some work. I love planning and packing for a holiday,

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Tweed Jacket


Tweed is a fantastic fabric for the winter. You will get all the protection you need in the cold winter months, and it looks great too. Unlike the traditional suit blazer, the tweed material isn’t

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Winter Fabric Care


Tweed, cashmere, corduroy, fur, silk, and wool fabrics are all very popular during the winter months. They are great materials to stay warm and cozy when the temperature takes a dip. We tend to spend

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Black Blazer Outfits


The black blazer outfit is a must-have in your wardrobe for winter. At least, that’s what I strongly feel. Some girls like to wear it for official meetings, while few like to sport it even

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Winter Fabrics


Many believe, winter is less about style and more about staying warm. I believe you can do both. The right fabrics will keep you protected from the elements, but you can still look very fashionable.

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Italy In Winter


Italy is a top tourist destination, and not just in Europe. You will get everything in Italy, from history, architecture, the Renaissance, an extension of the Alps, beautiful coastline including stunning islands, pizzas, gelato, and

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Sweaters In Movies-TV


The world follows Hollywood movies and the television industry. We not only love the movies and shows, we even look with interest at what the stars are wearing and follow the latest fashion trends. Sometimes

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Sweater-Shorts Outfits


Traditionally, we wear shorts in warmer weather. The reasons are obvious. A short is a staple dress in the summer also the spring sometimes. We tend to stash them away when the temperature goes down,

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Grey Cashmere Trend


Off-white and grey are the natural colors of cashmere. The wool is obtained from a special breed of goats, which you will find in the Himalayas range in Asia. Yes, you will get scarves, cardigans,

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Cashmere Sweater


I just love the skirt and cashmere combo. There is something extremely romantic when I pair my sweater with a maxi skirt. Even a midi skirt can look great. Skirts and sweaters are both wardrobe

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Pashmina, Cashmere Difference


Cashmere is regarded as a soft, luxurious and expensive fabric. It is a type of wool that is obtained from a special breed of goat, which you will find in the Middle East and the

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Cashmere Gift Ideas


It’s the middle of November already, and Christmas is not that far away any more. Yes, there is still time for your holiday season shopping, but you don’t want to leave it for the last

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