The Many Types Of Knit Fabrics

I love sewing, using knit fabrics whenever I have the time for it. I usually buy the knits online as there is always limited stock in the knit fabric section of my local store. But it can be difficult to know what you are buying, because you cannot feel the material online. It is very disappointing when you find that the fabric just won’t work. So I always buy from the best stores, the most reputable ones. You should also have some idea about the different types of knits available. This will give you the understanding of what to expect from them each, and also the clothing they are good for.

jersey fabrics

Knitting is the method of manipulating the yarn for making a fabric or textile that is used in different garments. Jersey fabrics are probably the most popular knit. Jersey is a single knit fabric, which is elastic and drapes well. It is used in home décor, and clothing is also made with jersey fabrics, such as your soft cotton t-shirt.

Cotton Jersey Knit

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There are all types of jersey fabrics, composed of silk, linen, viscose, wool, wool blend, and viscose blend, but it is cotton jersey, which is the most popular.

Top quality cotton jersey knit fabric is very fluid and soft. It is a great fabric for many types of garments, but in my opinion it works best in t-shirts. Always consider the weight when you are buying this. Cotton jersey can be very lightweight where it is about 5 oz or it can be heavy as well, sometimes going up to 12 oz. I personally prefer it lightweight. But make sure that it isn’t too lightweight and see-through. Around 7.5 – 8 oz should be good. Extremely lightweight materials can get stretched out quite easily.

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Cotton ribbed knit is popular with necklines and cuffs as it is very stretchy. But the material also looks good on tees for the kids.

Cotton Thermal Knit

jersey dress for winter

There are also cotton thermal knit for the cold season. The thermal material will keep you warm during the colder months. Underwear’s are often made with this. Long sleeve shirts with this also look good on kids. The fabric is slightly clingy, so it won’t work that well in a shirt.

Other Jersey Knits

wool drape jersey dress

Jersey knit is a great option for drapes garments like tops for women and evening dresses. And like I have mentioned before, it’s a great choice for the winter. For instance, while cotton jersey is used to make suits and dresses, wool jersey is used for jackets and suits.

printed jersey dress

There is also Hacci sweater knit, which feels so soft, almost like a sweater material. It is however much lighter than the sweater you will find at stores. The material is stretchy and soft, and it sews up very easily, like normal knits. The fabric works best even for oversized sweaters, which are trending at this time. So you can consider buying wool jersey and wool blend jersey knits as well.

There are other knit fabric types as well, such as jersey rayon spandex, sweatshirt fleece, french terry knit, and lycra spandex knit.