The Most Popular Fabrics To Wear During The Winter Months

Many believe, winter is less about style and more about staying warm. I believe you can do both. The right fabrics will keep you protected from the elements, but you can still look very fashionable. Good fabrics for the winter season will be made of natural things, they will provide you warmth, and will be strong. Your coats, cardigans, gloves, hats, and even the boots could be made with them.

Let’s find out what are the best fabrics to wear during the cold season that looks trendy and keeps you warm as well.


tweed outfit

Tweed is a rough, tight-knit, stylish, strong and yet flexible fabric. It is very durable too. The fabric has remained popular for winter garments for more than a century, especially the upper class British society. Men and women have worn waistcoats, trousers and even tweed suit jackets. It first became popular in the Edwardian era, but you will find it being used today as well. Tweed looks good because it is visually very strong.


wool outfit

There are pockets of air in the wool fabric, which is why there is natural insulation in the material. Wool is water resistant as well. It is thus a very good choice for the harsh winter, even when there is a lot of snow. Wool is also very strong and lightweight, so you will always be adequately protected without feeling stuffed.

You can choose from many varieties of high fashion wool fabrics, such as cashmere, Merino wool fabrics, brocade, twill and others. You will get in different colors and patterns as well.


fur outfit

Fur is probably the oldest material we have used to stay warm. Early humans used to skin their kills and use their furs to keep themselves warm in the snowy and cold winters. Fur has remained fashionable to this day, but it is also very efficient. The material retains heat very well and is extremely durable too. It is soft and very comfortable to wear. In recent times, we have another option – fake fur, which is a good option as well, especially for those who are against killing animals for their furs.


corduroy outfit

This is another fabric option for the winter. It is often used to make trousers as it is flexible and very warm. But these days, many designers are making corduroy jackets and also shirts. You can combine corduroy with wool or denim to wear it casually. This way, you will have a more interesting outfit visually.


silk outfit

Silk is another great choice. It will keep you warm in the winter, but you can wear silk in the summer as well, when it does just the opposite – it keeps you cool. The silk clothes for the summer and winter are different, though. Silk is luxurious and very strong. There is no loss of strength, shape or color even after repeated washing.

There are other great fabrics as well for the winter months like fleece, velvet, leather, and cotton that you can wear in many different ways. For instance, leather is not just for shoes and jackets. You can wear a trouser or even a shirt made with the material.