Look Gorgeous Wearing Your Tweed Jacket in the Winter

Tweed is a fantastic fabric for the winter. You will get all the protection you need in the cold winter months, and it looks great too. Unlike the traditional suit blazer, the tweed material isn’t tied down to just one style. It’s very versatile, so you can wear a tweed jacket or blazer in both formal and casual looks. In fact, you can even wear a tweed jacket or blazer with jeans if you want. Once seen as nerdy or stereo-typically old, tweed is now a considered to be very stylish for both men and women.

The tweed fashion fabric first became popular in France in the 1950s. It has remained popular to this day. Many fashion designers use the material to make their dresses, trousers, and jackets.

Here are some ways of wearing tweed this winter.

Wearing Tweed at Work

tweed jacket outfit

A tweed jacket will look good at work. A gray suit is the most traditional, which you can wear with a white shirt, a deep navy tie, and formal shoes. This is business-appropriate dressing, which everyone is sure to like. You can make it look more casual too, and still dress correctly for the office. Wear your tweed jacket with dark denim and ocher shoes. This can be great for informal offices or your Friday dress at work.

Tweed When Out Of Office

tweed sports jacket

A tweed jacket is one layering/outerwear piece that every guy must have in the wardrobe. You can wear the fabric casually, for informal setups, even a sports jacket that is made of the material. The sports jacket can be worn with a denim shirt or plaids with cords or colored chinos. It can be your perfect day time outfit. The dress is easygoing and will keep you comfortable and looking great.

Layering for a Rugged and Refined Look

rugged tweed jacket look

You can also wear your tweed jacket with a waffle sweater, blue chambray shirt, a leather belt, slim dark denim, a nice scarf, and leather boots. The scarf will keep you warm and look good on your dress. Experiment with different patterns and colors to keep changing how you appear. Want to achieve an elegant, but rugged look? You can do that as well to appear edgy, masculine, and stylish. With tweed, you can easily dress down or dress up like you want.

Tweed Sweatpants

tweed sweatpant

Not just a blazer or a jacket, tweed sweatpants can look good too. Gray is the most popular color. Also, make sure that the tweed pants you wear are not very flashy. These are multi-purpose pants that you can wear at home, to your gym, and also in various casual occasions.

Tweed Three Piece Suit

tweed three piece suit

A three piece suit made of tweed is sure to look fantastic as well. This is the classical style that always works out in your favor. In this dress, there will be a tweed blazer, tweed waistcoat, and your tweed trouser. When they see you walking down the street in this dress, they might think you are from the university, a really learned person. Perhaps you are. Dress to impress everyone in this outfit.