What Is Cashmere And Why Is Everyone Obsessed With It

Cashmere is a premium fabric the world has fallen in love with. Soft, exclusive, fabulous texture, and priceless, cashmere keeps you warm and looking gorgeous. Just feel the material against your bare skin. You will be impressed for sure.

cashmere coat

High quality cashmere wool comes from the fur of Mongolian Goats. It is actually the white hair from below their tough outer coat, which keeps these goats warm in severe cold in east-central Asia where the temperature can often dip below zero. The goats shed quite a lot of hair during the spring, which is collected by their keepers, cleaned, and later spun into yarn to come out with what we know as cashmere. You will get the best quality cashmere only from the longest and finest hairs, mostly from the throat and belly of the goats.

cashmere wool

The material is costly, but still, cashmere has stayed popular over the years, proving its high worth. Cashmere is extremely durable, so your outfit made with it will last for several years. You can buy cashmere fabrics from Tissura, and choose from a wide range of color and pattern options.

It Takes A Long Time to Make a Single Cashmere Cardigan:

belted cashmere coat

A Mongolian Goat can take up to 4 years to shed an abundant amount of fur, so naturally it takes a long time to stitch a cashmere sweater. It’s true for the quantity you need for other garments as well. The demand is naturally high because the material is scarce. But do be careful when you are buying cashmere online or offline. There are manufacturers who will mix the undercoat hair of goats with more coarse and shorter hair of another animal, such as a rabbit, for instance, to make your final product cheaper. It may become more affordable, but the quality will drop by a great deal. So do be careful. Check the label always before buying.

The Quality Gets Better Every Day:

cashmere scarf

Yes, you can say that cashmere is just like wine as it gets better when it ages. But for this, you have to take good care of your cashmere garment. Maintain the fiber to the best of your abilities to make it look like new. That’s how you can extend the life of your cashmere jackets, sweaters, cardigans, and other things. You can easily use them for years and get the most from the money you have spent.

Not a Bulky Fiber:

cashmere cardigan

Cashmere is extremely lightweight, and is thus very comfortable to wear. You will feel heavier garments, such as coats lighter too when they are made with cashmere wool. Just feel it on your body and be amazed.

Very Durable:

soft cashmere shawl

Cashmere doesn’t get ruined or destroyed so easily. It is very durable, which I love, because I cannot be that careful with my outfits always. Pieces of the yarn are manufactured with two strands, making them stronger.

Amazing Texture:

The texture of cashmere is like wow! You will literally fall for the looks. In fact, I am impressed all the time, no matter what piece of clothing I am looking at.