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Cashmere wool fabric is incredible. Its softness, texture, weight, looks, and feel… you will love it all. That is why the world loves cashmere. It is exclusive. Designers the world over are coming up with their best creations with cashmere.

Hi, I am Sindy Lane, and this is my personal blog about cashmere wool and the clothing that is made from this amazing gift of nature. Here, I will share my personal ideas and thoughts about how to dress with cashmere wool and look trendy and sophisticated in them, all about the finest combinations, the best outfits for fall and winter, snow and winter fashion, lifestyle issues, and more.

I gather my thoughts and opinions by looking at people and observing their outfits, and also by following the work of the famous fashion designers. Yes, I am always following the latest fashion trends.

Please take the time to read my blogs and do post your comments.