Cashmere Fall Guide

We need to stay cozy and warm during the fall and winter seasons. There will be days when it will be too cold, but you cannot possibly stay indoors all the time. We have to go to work, and there are other commitments as well. Luckily, there are many types of fabrics that can keep us warm and comfortable. Cashmere tops this list. It is lightweight, incredibly soft, delicate, and fabulous to look at. No wonder, there is always a huge demand for cashmere.

cashmere outfit

Fall and winter are the best times of the year for cashmere. You will find outfits made with cashmere wool at various online and offline stores at this time. But be very careful when you are making the purchase. Some suppliers will blend with some other material to make it cheaper, but naturally, the quality suffers. Plus, you need to also check the shape, ply and stretch.

Cashmere Wool

While there are many types of wool that will keep you warm and give you the protection you need, such as merino, lamb’s wool, mohair, alpaca, angora, and more, but cashmere is a top favorite throughout the world, and for good reasons too. Cashmere is the softest wool you will find. It is lightweight, but will still keep you feeling cozy and warm even in the dankest autumn and harshest winter. The best quality cashmere will last for several years if you take good care of it.

Where Do You Get Cashmere Wool From

You get it from the cashmere goats that roam the high altitudes of India, Mongolia, China, Iran, Pakistan, and some other countries. The wool is combed off the animal, as opposed to merino wool that is sheared off. The process of obtaining cashmere is time-consuming (you have to wait for the goat to grow the hair again once it is taken) and hard, and this is one major reason why cashmere wool costs more than others.

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I have created a list of things you should look at while buying your cashmere in the fall. This should help you decide.


cashmere wool

To know if you are buying the right cashmere, bunch the sweater or the cardigan into a ball, and check if it bounces back to its normal form. There is something definitely wrong if the cardigan wrinkles and doesn’t come back to its original shape. Probably, what you have here is a blend. In other words, it is not 100% original cashmere.

Check the Quality:

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Always check the quality before buying, no matter where you are buying it from. The best quality cashmere comes from the hair of goats, which is taken from their belly. A lot of the wool is collected before there is enough quantity to make your jacket or sweater. Naturally, it will be costly, but it is worthy of the extra cost. The best cashmere is durable, so it will last for many years. In the end, you will get your money’s worth. Get help, if you do not know how to check the quality.

The yarn of cashmere can be knitted or woven into many different weights, which make it good for different types of garments. But the feel is still the same. The top quality cashmere is extremely soft and comfortable. Cashmere will always be the perfect pick if you are thinking of sewing a cardigan for a dinner or one that you want to wear to work. You cannot compare anything with the quality and luxury texture of cashmere.

Go for Double Ply:

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It’s always better to pick two ply, where more than two cashmere threads are used for stitching. This is one of the biggest factors to be considered while purchasing.

Subtle Colors:

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When you are buying something natural like cashmere, why go for artificial dye, which are bad for the environment anyway? Cashmere in its natural form is available in cream, brown and gray colors. Any other color and you can be sure that it is the work of a dye. Be natural, stay natural. Go for the original cashmere colors.

The Purity of Cashmere:

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You should also check out the blend of the material to be sure of its purity. If you are planning to buy a cashmere sweater, always make sure that it is made of 100% pure cashmere. Avoid a blend with some other material. It won’t ever be as good or comfortable.

Characteristics of Cashmere

If you are thinking of wearing something soft and comfortable, and still extremely warm for the winter and fall, then you should consider cashmere always above anything else. Here are some of the properties of cashmere that makes it so much superior than the other types of wool –

  • It is warm – Cashmere will keep you warm, even on the coldest days, but you won’t ever feel hot in it, thanks to its superior insulation properties.
  • Durable – The material is very durable too. Your cashmere sweater, cardigan, or other pieces of clothing will last for years easily with just some basic care.
  • Lightweight – Cashmere proves that it doesn’t have to be thick to give you the warmth that you need. In fact, the fabric of cashmere is lighter than most wool cloths, but it still provides more warmth to you. The fibers of cashmere don’t exceed 19 microns.
  • Silky soft – The yarn of cashmere is one of the softest you will find, so it’s very comfortable to wear. Try it. It will feel like a silky texture.