Top Ways Guys Can Wear Cashmere In The Winter

There is hardly anything more classy, cozy and comfortable to wear than cashmere in the cold season. It is soft, luxurious and protects you when it’s cold. Cashmere also looks very trendy, sophisticated. Naturally, cashmere is extremely popular throughout the world. However, cashmere is costly as the fibers need to be plucked from eponymous goats and supply is always limited. It is only obtained from the belly. Then the fur has to be separated from the outer hair, which is coarser, which naturally means more time and effort.

cashmere outfit ideas

But the additional investment is worth it. Cashmere is better and finer than wool you get from sheep, and as a result it is softer. Cashmere also traps air, which gives you more warmth. This is why it outflanks bulky silhouettes.

The good news is, you can spend less and yet wear cashmere. Here are ways to wear cashmere and add luxury this cold season.


cashmere overcoat outfit

A cashmere overcoat will always give a relaxed elegance to bulky outerwear because of the heat-trapping fibers. And of course, it will contrast the winter tailoring visually too. The overcoat is likely to be so soft that people may want to touch you just to get the feeling. But avoid wearing the overcoat if there is chance of rain. Cashmere can lose its shape while drying.

Cashmere Pajamas

Feel comfortable at bedtime. Cashmere pajamas are very comfortable and luxurious. You will have a wonderful sleep. The material will regulate your temperature, so you will always be warm even on a freezing winter night. You can machine wash them. Remember, your pajamas will stay cool while you are between the sheets.

Cashmere Jumper

cashmere jumper outfit

Wear simple while picking premium knitwear. Easy to wear shades will always be better. The soft blue shade goes well with denim, bomber jacket and paired with boots. The outfit will look good and you will also stay warm.

Cashmere Scarf

It is always good to wear a scarf in the winter. However sometimes the material of the scarf can make you feel itchy in the neck. You can end this trouble with a cashmere scarf. Add a special scarf to your outfit by wearing a special texture and color. You will look better at the office.

Cashmere And Wool Roll Neck

cashmere roll neck outfit

Planning to wear a chunky outfit this winter? You can try a roll neck. Wear a blend of cashmere and knit wool. Wool will give you texture, while cashmere will make you feel cozy. The silhouette will also be sleeker. You can wear this below your tweed blazer, pairing with slim dark denim to create a casual and smart combination.

Cashmere Hat

Cashmere provides better insulation than sheep wool. So it’s always good to cover your head with cashmere. The hat will always be soft and warm on your top.

Cashmere Blazer

cashmere blazer outfit

It will be soft and perfect for the dinner or office. Its weave will feel special, giving a heritage feel to your outfit.