How To Wear A Cardigan This Winter

The cardigan is a very nice piece to wear in the light wintry months or in deep winter, if it doesn’t get too cold at your place. They are comfortable and adaptable. You can pair the cardigan easily with virtually any piece of clothing. Plus, it also allows you to create layers and textures with ease. There are many options too like the chunky knit version and the super-soft cardigan that you can style with other clothing. With so many designs, colors and cuts, you can be sure to find something to wear for any occasion. You can wear it either casually or with formal dressing.

cardigan outfit ideas

The cardigan is certainly a wardrobe essential for the winter months. But you have to be careful while deciding what to wear with the cardigan. After all, it has to go well with your everyday clothes. You need proper technique to combine outfits.

Oversized Cardigan And Mini Dress

cardigan with midi dress

An oversized cardigan can be paired with a simple mini dress very efficiently. This way, your sweater will be at the center stage. I saw this look at a runway and was immediately impressed by this outfit. You will certainly look good in this.

Cardigan With Sundress

The sundress you so much adore may not be enough when it gets cold. Why not drape a cardigan over the shoulders? This will make it easier for you. Your sundress will feel a bit warmer when you do this. Select one in a dark shade.

Cardigan With Pencil Skirt

long cardigan with mini skirt

I have a cardigan in my wardrobe that is so soft that it feels almost like a tee. So I like to wear it like one. You can tuck it into your pencil skirt and button up. This kind of pairing will make you look both sophisticated and modern.

Long Cardigan Over Dress

You can pair a waist length short cardigan with a dress. But that is not the only way to dress this winter. You will also look good in a drapey, long cardigan with your dress. Just make sure to match it with the dress. Select good lining fabric here to feel more comfortable and protect your cardigan.

Striped Cardigan And Striped Tee

striped cardigan outfit

Here’s a unique outfit to try this cold season. The interplay between a striped cardigan and a striped tee will always be a genius outfit. There are so many color options too. Go for blue and white for a nautical feel. Red and black will also look good. I am sure you will find ways to match your favorite colors. The striped cardigan will also look good with a plain tee, if you do not have a striped tee.

Cardigan With Textures And Colors

The scarf and hat combination may not always work at the place of work. But you can always depend on your cardigan. Try a cardigan with many colors and even different textures and you will instantly upgrade your outfit even if the combination is bold.

Cardigan With Denim

cardigan with denim outfit

A furry cardigan will look good with jeans. Furry pieces often blur the lines between a cardigan and coat, and can bowl over the best amateur stylists too.