Cashmere Sweater

I just love the skirt and cashmere combo. There is something extremely romantic when I pair my sweater with a maxi skirt. Even a midi skirt can look great. Skirts and sweaters are both wardrobe staples, but when you combine the two, the look you get is simply unstoppable. It’s just perfect for the season. If there is one pairing in your closet you can depend on always to look good this fall and winter, then it is the skirt and sweater combo. Plus, it will look good on all body types too.

cashmere with skirt

Want to make your look even more eye-catching? Make sure that your sweater is made with the best quality cashmere wool, which is some of the softest and luxurious materials you will find. Cashmere is premium and classy. So when you want to dress up, you can go with this combo. Of course, you can wear cashmere cardigans, and other things as well, but that has to go with your midi or maxi skirt.

Here are some ways to wear cashmere with a skirt you can try.

Cashmere with a Pleated Skirt

cashmere with pleated skirt

You can elevate your look instantly by wearing cashmere under your pleated skirt. The chunky sweater will look good layered on top. Remember to play with proportions and textures for striking the perfect sweater-to-skirt balance that will keep you feminine. There are limitless color combinations. You can go for pink hues or create a monochrome ensemble with black. Your dress will look good with Chelsea boots, sneakers or stiletto heels.

Sporty Look

sweater with mini

Wear a sporty sweater and an asymmetric mini to create a distinct look. This will give you an edgy chic appearance for the season. You can also go for a graphic print and combine this with a cool cross-over skirt.

Cashmere Sweater with Striped A-Line

cashmere with striped skirt

I personally am in love with this pairing. The chunky cashmere sweater with striped a-line offer great aesthetics and a laid-back elegance you will love too. Make sure the two colors you choose complement each other.

Oversized Sweater with Skirt

oversized sweater with skirt

Here’s another option for you. Wear a white oversized cashmere sweater with a black maxi skirt, like what you see in the picture above. Wear black heels to complete your look. Contrast of both the colors will strike out and please everyone who sees it. You can add a sun glass for the day time as well. I personally select a different shade of sun glass just to add some drama to my look.

Cashmere with Floral Mini

cashmere with floral mini

Wear your cashmere cozy knit with a floral mini to create a stunning look. This look is inspired from the medieval times. Go for a tapestry-like floral print and wear it with your relaxed and soft turtleneck.

Cashmere with Midi Skirt

cashmere with midi skirt

Another option is to wear your cashmere sweater with a long midi skirt. Wear a front-button shirt below your sweater. On days when it is not too hot, you can take off your sweater to sport a look, which you see above.

There are many other ways to fashion with cashmere. Take a look at designer cashmere clothing and accessories here.