Brilliant Ways Of Wearing Cotton Top With Denim

A cotton top with denim is always a classic combination. It looks good throughout the year. Add a blazer or jacket and you are ready for the winter. Wear a loose tee, cotton shirt, or a crop top and you are summer-perfect. You can dress up or down, and look gorgeous for those casual occasions. You can wear a cotton shirt or top both with blue and gray jeans. Here are some ideas you can try.

Cotton, which is soft, lightweight, breathable, and durable, is one of the best fabrics to wear in the summer. It will always keep you comfortable. Pair it with denim to look gorgeous throughout the season.

Grey Jeans With White And Black Stripes

gray jeans with striped top

White and black stripes are going to complement your grey jeans very well. If you are dressing casual, then go for a striped white and black, well fitting, cotton top like this for pairing your grey skinny denim. It’s going to be a stylish but easy outfit to plan.

Grey Denim With Your Floral Top

gray jeans with floral top

Here’s another great way of wearing a cotton top with jeans. Floral dresses are a big summer and spring trend. But you can still stand out from the crowd by pairing your floral patterned top with grey, slim denim. This will be a fashion combination that will add a sophisticated touch to how you look. You can wear this outfit with your statement necklace and high heel pumps.

The All Black Outfit

black jeans with black shirt

Blue is of course the most common color of denim. But you can look cool in other shades as well, such as grey, as I have mentioned above. Black will also look good! Black denim with a black cotton shirt will never go wrong. It will be a great easygoing outdoor outfit. But do make sure that you don’t walk under the sun for too long in the summer. You can pair this look with golden strap flats or colored wedges. You may also add a gold chain for contrast.

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Denim Overall Outfit

denim overall outfit

The denim overall used to be a childhood favorite with many of us. You don’t have to throw it away or donate it. You can still wear the overall with a cotton top or blouse very nicely as an adult. Just find pieces, which will fit well and flatter your figure. You are sure to look like an off-duty model in this dress.

Tees With Bell-Bottom Pants

bell bottom jeans with tee

Tight-fit and narrow pants are a crowd favorite. But you can also wear bell-bottom denim or wide legged pants if you want to experiment and play with fashion. Wear a comfortable cotton tee on top. You can also wear a white graphic simple tee. When knotted up, this will look breezy, more so for a day at the college or a brunch with friends. This outfit can be your best friend for the summer months.