Grey Cashmere Trend

Off-white and grey are the natural colors of cashmere. The wool is obtained from a special breed of goats, which you will find in the Himalayas range in Asia. Yes, you will get scarves, cardigans, sweaters and coats in other colors too, but that is the work of dye, which is not good for the environment. So I personally always go for cashmere’s natural color, grey. This much I owe to the planet we call home. When it comes to styling, there are many ways to work with grey to look good. It doesn’t have to be boring at all.

grey cashmere outfit

Also, there are many shades of grey to pick from, if you are looking for some variety. For instance, there is light grey, and a deeper shade, which too looks good.

Cashmere Wool Colors

Your cashmere sweaters, cardigans, scarves, and other pieces of clothing are available in a wide range of color choices, but you should know that most of them are not the natural hues of cashmere. These colors are obtained by dying. Cashmere’s natural hues include only three colors, which are brown, grey, and white. But out there, you will find dyed cashmere in topaz, orange, blue, olive-green, black, purple, red, green, and so many other colors. It’s of course, always a personal choice, but I personally would always prefer only the natural hues of cashmere.

Here are some top ways of wearing grey cashmere. Check them out.

The All Grey Look

grey winter outfit

Wear your grey leggings and cashmere trousers like this to sport an all grey look. This can be sporty and fun, and hardly monotonous at all. There are so many ways to wear your trouser with a cashmere top for the winter – straight or skinny legs, or cropped. Step up your fashion to show off an effortless and on-the-go style.

Cashmere with Midi Skirt

cashmere with midi skirt

This look would be perfect for the office or your place of work. You can wear a cashmere jumper of a blouse with your pleated metallic midi skirt to show off a smart and fashionable look. This outfit is sure to look good on you.

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Cashmere with Black Leather Mini

Try wearing your mottled sweater with a black leather mini instead of the midi skirt if you please. You can also wear a waist-cinched shirt dress with this outfit, and match with a long scarf. You can also wear a pale coat over your cashmere. There are many ways to wear the natural color and look good.

Cashmere Everything

cashmere everything

Blur the lines of off-duty and office with the right styling and knits. In this picture, you see an outfit with a cashmere cardigan, cashmere biker jacket, and a cashmere jumper. You can wear this outfit with denim, and grey denims are popular too. Different people approach the work-life balance regarding their clothing in different ways. For example, my mom won’t buy anything unless it passes the ‘can I wear this at office’ test. This, of course, makes good sense for someone whose career is supreme. For me though, my friends come first. So I prefer to pass them the ‘off-duty’ test. But whatever it is, a great lightweight grey cashmere sweater can be the perfect base for your outfit.

Bright Shades with Cashmere

Pastel colors and bright shades look very good with gray, but sometimes, these shades can make your outfit look too loud for the occasion. So to be on the safe side, stay with the close relatives, so that you complement, instead of competing. For instance, you can wear black. Or you can wear a white tee below your grey sweater to soften the look. Try a grey coat and trousers of the same color. Break down the monopoly by wearing sneakers in a bright shade, or you can also carry a bright bag. Sunglasses, cut-out boots, embellished clutches, and bright oversized bags can all add color to your look.

Cashmere with Draped Skirt

cashmere with draped skirt

Wear your grey cashmere sweater with a draped skirt in a way that will look good even on the runways. A fluid asymmetric piece will blend comfort and sexiness in just the perfect way for you. A chunky cable-knit will be resilient to protect you from the elements, without compromising any of the oomph factor.

Grey Cashmere Work Outfit

grey cashmere work outfit

The work outfit doesn’t have to be boring or dull. Just take a look at the picture here. It looks trendy and smart, and yet, is apt for your place of work. You will look professional too in this outfit and a smart fashionista. Add a sun glass for the outdoors. You can even wear with a neckpiece, especially for the casual Fridays.

The 3 Grades of Cashmere

The quality of cashmere is generally graded as A, B, and C.

Quality Grade C – This is the lowest quality as you might have guessed already. The fiber is thick here. The diameter is about 30 microns. This type of cashmere is of course, cheaper than the other higher grade versions.

Quality Grade B – This is about two times thinner than grade C cashmere. Diameter of the fiber is around 19 microns, making this good quality, but it’s still not the best.

Quality Grade A – Cashmere, which is categorized as Grade A has the longest and the thinnest fibers, which makes it the very best category. The diameter, which can be only 14 microns, is very small. The fibers can be 36 mm long. This is not only the best quality, but this type of cashmere is also long-lasting as well.