Must Have Sweaters

Going on a winter vacation soon? I love my holidays, but this year, I will miss out as I am tied up back home with some work. I love planning and packing for a holiday, but packing for a winter trip can be a bit tricky. Winter clothes take so much space that’s it’s always a problem. But we still need to pack the sweaters, unless we are going to a place where there is never any cold season.

Which sweater is best for traveling, considering the space requirements, effectiveness, and fashion? It won’t be an easy choice as there are many types and styles of sweaters for both men and women. There is the cardigan, v-neck, turtleneck, crew neck, mock neck, fine knit, the foldover or shawl neck, and more.

I have broken down travel sweaters into 5 simple categories to help you pick the right stuff for your packing. Do take a look.

Neutral Turtleneck Sweater

neutral turtleneck sweater

Winter dressing is all about layering efficiently. You can layer easily with a neutral turtleneck sweater. You can wear it with your favorite coat, below your hoodie, and there are many versatile colors to choose from as well. Besides, the sweater will keep you adequately protected from the elements too. So it’s always a good choice. Feeling too hot? Take off your sweater and wrap it around your waist.

Winter Prints

printed sweater

I am always busy when I am working – looking at the latest fashion trends, reading everything I can find, going to the fashion shows and fashion weeks, and following the designers and retailers to find out what they are coming out with. So when I am holidaying, I want to relax and have fun. I am sure you want your holidays to be fun too. A chunky sweater in festive winter prints is just the right thing. It gives you the holiday feeling and makes you look appropriate for the time of the year.

Cashmere Crew Neck

cashmere crew neck sweater

Cashmere is soft, lightweight, and extremely comfortable to wear. Cashmere is very warm too and will give you adequate protection. It will take less space to pack as well than a heavier knit so you will be able to travel light. You can wear cashmere always, both formally and in informal setups. Select a statement cashmere piece or choose a budget cashmere sweater for your winter trip.

Fine Knit Sweater

fine knit sweater

Like the turtleneck, a fine-knit sweater will also let you layer efficiently for the winter. It’s a perfect choice when you want to appear sleek, while still staying warm inside. This is a great choice for drinks or dinner on a chilly winter evening while you are traveling.

Cool Cardigan

cardigan outfit

The cardigan was considered a grandma just a few years back. Not anymore, because there are many funky ones you can choose from now for your travels. You will find cardigans with animal embroideries, prints, floral buttons, and others. A simpler cardigan looks good too. You can also wear a long cardigan outfit in this way.