Top Sweater Dress Outfits To Wear

Why not wear something original and sweet in the cold weather? A sweater dress is an awesome idea. This will give you a breezy feel and makes you look cute and trendy. Also, many sweater dresses are chunky and short, so your legs are going to look extra slim and long. Plus, these dresses are very easy to style too.

Here are some sweater dress outfit ideas you can try this winter. Many of them are in black. It is my favorite color. But to be honest, black indeed looks very good.

Black Sweater Dress And Cropped Denim

black sweater dress with cropped jeans

Layering will do the trick in this outfit. All you have to do is just wear your cropped jeans with a chunky black sweater dress, and you will show off a black-on-black layered design. Regarding the footwear, you can wear white and black low top converse. This will make you look stylish and casual.

Black Half-Sleeve Sweater Dress And Wide Belt

black half sleeve sweater dress

You can look good in a half sleeve sweater dress as well. The black mock neck here goes perfectly well with a brown leather belt, which will also make your waist appear slimmer. You can wear this outfit with a camel knee high boot and black stockings to look stylish. You can style this outfit easily for your work day.

Turtleneck Bodycon Dress And Knee High Boots

turtleneck bodycon sweater dress

Here’s another outfit idea to make you look like a true fashionista. A form fitting sweater dress like this can make you look super sexy and still low-key. Try this black turtleneck mini dress idea to highlight your curves. So here’s a way not to look chunky in your sweater dress. This outfit will be complete with knee high boots.

Ribbed Chunky Sweater Dress, Long Boots And Felt Hat

sweater dress with hat

This is one of my personal favorites. A very artistic outfit if you ask me. Wear your chunky sweater dress with a ribbed mini to achieve this look. Pair it with your felt hat and you will accentuate your look many times. I will wear this outfit with thigh high black heels, but you can also wear another color for contrast.

V Neck Sweater Dress and Grey Boots

v neck sweater dress

With a black sweater dress, it’s not essential to be in the best shape to look good. Call it the magic of the color. For instance, you can wear long-sleeve v-neck shift sweater dress, which is going to hide your curves. But it will still look cozy and beautiful. It’s going to look amazing with your ankle boots. The dress in this photo is dark red. But you can wear black color too.

Mock Neck Dress and Thigh High Boots

mock neck sweater dress

Here is a simple trick to look good in a black sweater dress. Pair the dress with your boots. Just see this photo, for example. Look at this black mock neck mini sweater dress. It looks ravishing by itself. Add thigh high boots and you can make your outfit a stunner surely.