Sweater-Shorts Outfits

Traditionally, we wear shorts in warmer weather. The reasons are obvious. A short is a staple dress in the summer also the spring sometimes. We tend to stash them away when the temperature goes down, and opt for pants, tights, and jeans. But you don’t have to store them away really, because shorts can look great in the winter too.

cashmere with shorts

I have seen many girls pull off the tights-and-shorts trend with ease and look effortless in the dress. Why do people wear shorts during the fall and winter? For two reasons! Firstly, they want to look good – for fashion, and secondly, they feel the most comfortable in their shorts. And to be frank, wearing a short during the winter isn’t really a strange idea. It’s much like wearing a short skirt. Wear a sweater on top, and you will keep yourself warm. Your legs won’t feel the chill if it is not snowing, of course.

shorts and cashmere outfit

Many students have to wear shorts with sweater throughout college. It’s their uniform. They don’t feel cold. So why should you? There are many ways to wear a short with your favorite sweater. So you will get plenty of styling options.

Here are a few ideas you can try.

Denim Shorts with Sweater

denim shorts with sweater

You can wear your loose denim shorts during the daytime in winter. It will look trendy with a cashmere sweater and black tights, which will give you more protection. Add a scarf, and ankle booties and you are ready to go.

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Shorts with Sweater and Coat

shorts with sweater and coat

Booties and even heels look great with tights and shorts. You may also go with white sneakers, like what you see in this picture. The contrast will be interesting. A cashmere wool sweater or a cardigan and a super long coat will keep you protected from the cold outside.

Round Neck Sweater with Shorts

round neck sweater with shorts

Shorts and a pink round neck sweater can also be a wonderful combination that you can add to your styling repertoire. Add black leather brogues for some polish to your look, which would be otherwise low-key. You can also wear flats in matching colors with this.

Black Sweater and Shorts Outfit

black sweater and shorts outfit

You can keep your look streamlined by going all black. See how well the black sweater is going with the black shorts in this picture. Complete your look with black footwear and a bag of the same color. Finally add a black felt fedora hat. You will surely look chic in this outfit.

Sweater with Shorts and Knee-High Socks

sweater with shorts and knee-high socks

You can get additional warmth when you wear over-the-knee socks over your tights. Add a sweater on top and your signature neckpiece to showcase a trendy look.

Oversized Sweater with Shorts

oversized sweater with shorts

Tights look good with a sweater. But you can forego the look altogether, and go for a big knit sweater and over-the-knee boots to stay warm in the winter season.

Here’s something different for you – a detachable jeans that turns into shorts. Take a look at this unique style here.