Winter Dressing Rules

Every season has its dressing rules. I am sure most girls know the rules for winter already, but it’s still good to have them all in one place. If you want some reference or want to double check, you can then always do it. Here are some of the rules I could think of. Do take a look and let me know what you think.

An Anorak Won’t Do – Get A Good Coat

coat outfit women

It’s always good to have a proper coat instead of a parka. Yes, Kate Moss and the other celebs wore a parka and received compliments, but remember, this was with baby giraffe legs and Channel mini-dresses, which many of us don’t have. Also, it’s been a year since then. This year, the coat is doing better. Your coat doesn’t have to be expensive. Just go for one that doesn’t make you look slobby.

Ignore Capes

cape for women

I personally don’t like them all that much. Your arms will either stick out of the holes awkwardly or you can’t use them at all. They are quite silly really. Superheroes are seen in capes when they want to fly. That’s not for us. So take it off.

Always Wear Sleeves in the Winter

full sleeve winter dress

Sometimes it is necessary to state the obvious. You will often find many dresses on sale with short sleeves, even in the cold weather. Is it just a hangover of the summer or unsold stock? The short sleeves will surely be offered at a discount, but stick to what you need for the winter. It’s still early for the summer shopping.

Don’t Wear Your Pencil Skirt with Kitten Heels

pencil skirt outfit

I have seen some girls do this, and believe it’s all so wrong. But if you insist on wearing this combination, then at least make sure that your skirt is a bit longer. It should ideally finish below your knee. Or, you can wear your kitten heel in a full-skirted, neat waisted shape. Whatever you do, you should wear a nice top with a good bra, and your hair should look proper.

Get Good Flat Boots

flat boots

This will be one of the most important purchases for the season. I have a pair of flat boots with a furry lining, which I love. Without good footwear, you can get a slipped disc if you fall in the snow or frostbite, or both. You won’t regret buying a good one.

Wear Red

red coat outfit

Winter doesn’t have to be all about dark, boring colors. Red is the new black in the winter. You can certainly wear it all different ways. I am so excited with all the options.

Leopard is Roaring

leopard print outfit

Just a few years back, leopard was seen as brassy, slutty, vampy, and landlady-like. Not anymore! It is mainstream chic now. It is the new denim. It is neutral like denim, and I don’t see it as a color or pattern anymore. You can wear with almost anything. Get a leopard-print dress if you don’t have one already.