What Is The Crepe De Chine Fabric

Crêpe De Chine, which is also known as ‘crepe of China’ is a fine, lightweight plain-woven fabric that has highly twisted yarns. It is made either with silk wrap and hard-spun worsted weft or with an all-silk warp and weft. The texture has a bit of character like crepe, which gives the fabric its name. The fabric’s crepe character is because of the filling or weft where the yarns are spun with the twists working in reverse. It is called left-hand and right-hand twist.

How Is The Crêpe De Chine Fabric Made?

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In most occasions you will find the fiber made from silk. However, it can also be produced with synthetic materials that look like silk, such as rayon, acetate, nylon, and polyester. Crêpe De Chine can also be made from cotton. So it can be produced in different ways to achieve the desired look and result.

While finishing, picks of fillings often become untwisted because of the large number of twists. However, the untwists recover quickly and come back to their normal condition, which is what causes the typical characters of Crêpe De Chine.

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Often the fabric has a grainy texture, fluid drape, and a silky smooth feel. It is breathable and dense, but there is no glossy luster, unlike silk. Quite often, you won’t be able to make the difference between true silk and Crêpe De Chine. You can learn more about the Crêpe De Chine fabric here.

Difference Between Crepe, Crepe Silk Fabric, And Crêpe De Chine

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The crepe fabric is typically puckered and crinkled. It has a pebbly surface, but can be both rough and smooth. The yarns are highly twisted in the weft, and sometimes also in the warp. Usually, the crepe fabric has a plan weave. Crepe is woven from many fibers, both man-made and natural. The surface texture can be pebbled, flat crepes, or fine. Some surfaces look like tree bark.

Crepe silk also has a pebbly texture and a good sheen. It is a luxury fabric. Its texture comes from the highly twisted yarns. The drape looks beautiful. The fabric is used extensively for making skirts, slacks, dresses, bridal gowns, evening wear, and lightweight suits.

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Crêpe De Chine is much like silk, but it is less textured and the weight is lighter too. The pebbled texture and matte surface of this graceful fabric reflects light, which provides a beautiful chromatic depth and appeal. Plus, the fabric is extremely durable too, apart from being wrinkle resistant. This is why many designers favor the Crêpe De Chine fabric for their creations.

Polyester Crêpe De Chine

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There is also polyester Crêpe De Chine, which is extremely lightweight and smooth. The drape is also gorgeous. It is made in a plain weave, where the weft and warp yarns are woven in a crisscross formation. The fabric becomes more durable when it is made from polyester. Its wrinkle resistance and insulation also improves.