Winter Fabrics


Many believe, winter is less about style and more about staying warm. I believe you can do both. The right fabrics will keep you protected from the elements, but you can still look very fashionable.

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Italy In Winter


Italy is a top tourist destination, and not just in Europe. You will get everything in Italy, from history, architecture, the Renaissance, an extension of the Alps, beautiful coastline including stunning islands, pizzas, gelato, and

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Pashmina, Cashmere Difference


Cashmere is regarded as a soft, luxurious and expensive fabric. It is a type of wool that is obtained from a special breed of goat, which you will find in the Middle East and the

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Cashmere Gift Ideas


It’s the middle of November already, and Christmas is not that far away any more. Yes, there is still time for your holiday season shopping, but you don’t want to leave it for the last

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Cashmere Fall Guide


We need to stay cozy and warm during the fall and winter seasons. There will be days when it will be too cold, but you cannot possibly stay indoors all the time. We have to

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Cashmere Fabric


Cashmere is a premium fabric the world has fallen in love with. Soft, exclusive, fabulous texture, and priceless, cashmere keeps you warm and looking gorgeous. Just feel the material against your bare skin. You will

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