How To Wear Prints In The Summer

Summer is a great time of the year for wearing bikinis, lace-up sandals, visiting the beach, and of course those rooftop cocktail parties. The summer months are also when I love wearing prints. With the winter going away, I push away the moody and dark colors to the back of my wardrobe, replacing them with vivid patterns, such as polka dot, floral prints, paisley, and plaid.

The thought of wearing patterns of any type can intimidate those who mostly have a single color wardrobe. But don’t let that be an excuse for skipping the look. There are many ways of working patterns into the wardrobe. For instance, you can always start with a printed piece, and then build up gradually from there. Soon enough, you will be matching and mixing colors and prints very well.

Work The Contrasts

printed blouse

Here’s a styling trick you will always find very useful. For this, all you have to do is just pair one printed piece with your solid, which matches the color pattern. Having said this, you can do the complete opposite of this as well, and still look good. Include a new color with your plain clothing piece.

Stripes Of The Summer

striped T-shirt

Black trousers, white button-down shirt, or a striped tee are all classics that rock. Here’s one that will give you a nautical-themed look. You can also wear a white and red top with your flared skirt. If you don’t want the sailor look, then skip the hat. You can wear the dress with white heels.

Lemon And Leopard

yellow skirt

Bright colors are as big a hit in the summer as prints. So why not pair your bright yellow skirt with a bold printed leopard blouse in this way. Refer to the photo above. To sport a nonchalant cool look, you can wear a round sunglass and oxford shoes.

Animal Prints

animal print

There are plenty of animal prints that look good, but my favorite is the stripes and spots. Sometimes, however, I like to show off quirky patterns that feature little critters. Layer a solid vest over a printed dress. This should balance it well. Carry a micro bag if you want more colors.

Wearing Black In The Summer

maxi skirt

Black is such a trendy color that many girls love wearing it, even in the summer. Yes, you can wear the color when it is hot. Try to stay within your comfort zone. Go for a black maxi skirt that has subtle multicolor patterns. Add more colors in the accessories.

Floral Flares

floral prints

Floral dresses are always a hit in the summer. But you can stand out by wearing a trouser with floral prints. This will give you a bohemian look. Wear a bold color if you want. Pair the printed pant with your crop top.

Stripes And Stars

star print dress

You can wear stars and stripes even if it isn’t the 4th of July. Dress down for the day by tying the striped shirt around your waist.