Top Ways Of Wearing Wide Leg Pants

There is nothing like wide leg pants when you want to feel comfortable. And there are so many ways of wearing them as well. You can tuck it into your blouse, dress up or down with it, and even wear one to work. I personally like the white ones the most, while keeping my overall look neutral.

Wide leg pants are coming back in trend now, even as everyone is looking for loose fitting clothes. After the onslaught of skinnies, the pant hems are certainly becoming wider and wider, so I don’t think this trend is going away anytime soon. There are many interesting wide leg jeans and pants available, and styles you can choose from. Just remember to create a balanced proportion and the right silhouette.

wide leg pant outfit

– Wide leg pants are great for short women, such as me. A flared pant is after all, very leg lengthening when it fits well at the top. But make sure that you are wearing it with your high heels.

– The pant can cover up your muffin top. Plus, a high-waist pant can also hold your tummy in.

– A flared pant will offer a nice silhouette if you are heavier at the top.

– Even denim can look good with wide legs.

Tips For Wearing A Wide Leg Pant

cropped wide leg pant

Always make sure to buy a long one. I personally don’t like flared pants, which are too short. It will be nice if your pant hides your hide heels. If you prefer even longer legs, then you can wear a pant that comes with vertical stripes. Also, it is always a good idea to wear a belt. This will define your waist and make the outfit look better.

Make an effort to balance your overall look. For the top, wear something that is slim fitting. A flared pant will give you a classical look. It will look very good with your well fitted shirt.

Wide Leg Pants For Different Body Shapes

flared pant outfit

Pear Shape – Those who are pear shaped can also wear wide legged pants because the hips appear narrower, and attention is drawn to the ankle. Also remember, if you are pear shaped, then its best to avoid pleated wide leg pants. Flat fronts will probably look better on you. A wide leg pant can look good on a pear shape body, provided there are no side pockets that can add extra bulk.

Short Girls – You can look good in a wide leg pant if you are short. Just ensure that it is more fitted at the top. Also remember that the pant should not be too flared.

wide leg pant for work

Wear the pant with your slim fitting top. It will be the most flattering and easiest way to wear it. But I personally also love to wear a flared pant with wider tops and short dresses. Yes, this is more of a challenge, but I love the silhouette created.

Finally, remember to wear your wide leg pants with heels. This will complete your look nicely.