Christmas Outfit Ideas For Men

What will you wear this Christmas? Many guys are often in a dilemma. There could be different occasions too, such as a formal family dinner, a Christmas lunch, a formal office party, and even the right dressing for spending Christmas at home. You have got to plan different outfits naturally for them. Here are some Christmas outfit ideas for men that you may find very useful. Check them out.

Outfit For Christmas Lunch

christmas pub outfit

Perhaps you are planning a lunch at the pub with your friends. A casual outfit will do just fine. You don’t need anything dressy. Add a scarf for that Christmas vibe.

Outfit For Formal Parties

formal christmas party dress

Or maybe there is a cocktail party or a formal evening planned for the Christmas. I recommend that you pick a classic tuxedo suit in neutral color, such as grey or blue. Wear a bow-tie, but make sure that it is in a lighter color than the suit. To add a bit of color, you can have the pockets in green or red squares. These are good colors for the Christmas season. Wear comfortable shoes because there is sure to be lots of moving and mingling during the party. Slip-on loafers will be a good option.

Outfit For A Formal Family Dinner

formal christmas family dinner outfit

Many families come together for Christmas. Guys going to a formal dinner with the family should opt for straightforward and simple dressing. However, stay away from wearing your old plain black tie. Go for a red Christmas glittery bow-tie for that festive spirit and to add some color.

Wearing A Beanie

beanie outfit men

Men do look good in beanies. Beanie caps will give you warmth and keep you cozy. Just make sure to keep your ears covered. Try to match the beanie cap with your outfit. For example, you can match it with your jacket to make the outfit look very well coordinated. Avoid beanies with brims.

Wearing Jeans

jeans outfit mens

Can you wear denim? Yes, why not? Most people feel very comfortable in jeans because we wear them regularly. Wear a classic style if you feel like it’s your signature outfit. Layer with different combinations! Like, you can wear your brown leather jacket with your denim. Finish your outfit by adding a red Christmas sweater.

Wearing A Velvet Suit

velvet suit outfit

A velvet suit is a perfect choice when you want to really show off your jovial side during the festive season. A red or maroon velvet suit will go perfectly well with the Christmas theme. You will look good in this outfit as well.

The Christmas Coat

peacoat outfit

A pea coat is a very good choice. Everyone is wearing them now. Usually, you wear this with pinroll denim, but to look more formal, you can also wear the coat with your courduroy pant. You can always pick a classic style pea coat to stay safe, but there are many new styles available now that also look good. Like, for instance, a coat with shearling trims. You can also wear the pea coat with white jeans.