Italy In Winter

Italy is a top tourist destination, and not just in Europe. You will get everything in Italy, from history, architecture, the Renaissance, an extension of the Alps, beautiful coastline including stunning islands, pizzas, gelato, and lip-smacking seafood, gorgeous lakes, and some of the best museums in the world. Most tourists visit the country in the summer or the spring, but the winter is a great time of the year as well.

There will be far fewer people in the winter, so there won’t be any long queues at the Vatican Museum and some other places. The prices will be lower as well, including the airfares, except around the Christmas and New Year. There are a lot of winter sports options too, especially in the north, in the Dolomites and the Alps region. The symphony, opera and theater season will also be in full swing.

winter in italy

Just carry your snow or heavy rain jacket, good shoes, a scarf, your hat, an umbrella, and sweater and you will be adequately prepared for the Italian winter.

Top 4 Destinations in Italy in the Winter


dolomite italy in winter

The Dolomites hills are located in the northern part of the country, close to the Swiss-Austrian border. It’s the hiking capital of Italy in the summer, and turns in a heaven for skiers in the winter. You will find some of the best skiing slopes in all of Europe here. There is the world-famous Cortina d’Ampezzo resort as well. The Dolomites is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2009.


turin in winter

Called Torino by the Italians, Turin is at the foothills of the Alps. With many theaters, museums, cafes and shops, this is also one of the most cultured cities in the country. Turin is also an important car-manufacturing city. FIAT is based here. There are many palaces in the city, including an 18th century opera house and plenty of art galleries where you can see the works of Tintoretto, Rembrandt, and others.


venice italy

You might have to stand elbow to elbow in Venice during the summer. Winter will be a better time of the year to visit this water world. It will be noticeably colder, but romantically misty, and much quieter. Restaurants and accommodations will cost less. In fact, the rooms may cost you up to 50% less and sometimes even more if you manage to avoid the Christmas and New Year time. There will be lap blankets to keep you warm in the gondolas. And in February, there are the famous Carnival celebrations as well.



The south of Italy will be more pleasant during the colder season. There are plenty of options to choose from, like the Amalfi Coast, Cinque Terra, and Capri, but I will suggest you try Sicily. There will be almost no tourists, and very little rain. The cities of Syracuse and Palermo will be stunning. You will enjoy the architecture, art, bustling outdoor markets, and the seafood of Sicily.

The south is a great choice if you feel too cold in the winter. Plus, there are some amazing winter sales too you could gain from.

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