Merino Wool

We have a deep connection with wool. Woolens keep us warm. We wear jackets, coats, cardigans, and sweaters made with wool. But did you know that there are many types of precious wool fabrics? Most of us have heard of cashmere and pashmina. That’s just about it. But not that many of us are aware of the other types, merino wool, for instance. The texture and material of merino is quite different. It is extremely breathable, making it one of the best wool available. I believe merino wool has all the qualities of a great fabric.

merino wool

In fact, I believe merino is one of the best wools you can find. So I wanted to write something about this wonderful wool and share information about how good it is.

What is Merino Wool

what is merino wool

Merino wool first came from a special breed of ship from Spain, where they were highly prized for the quality of wool produced. That was around 1780. The wool started to be made available elsewhere as word spread about its quality. Improvements were made over time. Finer fibers were produced later through selective breeding.

Merino wool is manufactured out of keratin, which is biodegradable. The wool also bends much more than the coarser variety. Its elasticity is high, ensuring that the material doesn’t lose shape.

merino wool properties

Here are some other properties of merino wool –

  • The wool is both cool and warm. When you are wearing merino wool, you will have all the warmth you need, but you will also cool down quickly as soon as your body begins to warm up. So there is little sweating.
  • The fiber is super breathable. Heat is released efficiently, keeping you dry as a result, whatever the condition.
  • Merino wool is much softer compared to coarse wool. Because of this, there will be no itching, which is a common complaint for many other variants.
  • Merino is strong too. You can stretch and flex the material, and it will always come back to shape.

merino wool outfit

Also, merino wool is odor resistant, so you can wear your sweater for days, without having to worry about how you smell. Washing is a breeze too. The fabric is resistant to bacteria, so you don’t have to clean it that often. Just air your merino outfit overnight and it will be all fresh in the morning. Plus, merino will not shrink too, so you can give it a wash when you need to without worrying. It will dry off quickly as well, which I am sure you are going to find most convenient.

merino wool dress

Merino wool even offers you protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Many merino products have a 30+ UPF, while with others it goes up to 50+. So you see, there are plenty of good reasons for wearing merino wool.

The material is a good choice for crafting your dresses, vests, jackets, trousers, and even skirts. Both men and women look good in merino wool.